How do we Secure?

We offer experienced and dedicated security  & guarding  solutions .

Our team is Fully conversant with the concept of security.

With security being our core business we offer customized  security services and work on defined standards of our  clients.

We regulate exit & entry rules at for workers and visitors.

Safety and Vigil are never put to rest

Deter theft and criminal activities

Encourage our customers towards Advance planning and  right physical measures for loss prevention.

Act as first responders in emergency situations.

Courteous but stern adherence to company safety policies  and restriction implementation

Does WDSDA belive in Rapid Crisis  responsiveness & prompt Emergency Handling?

Yes,Highly trained Back hand Staff at the HO to carry out our business  process. Our Customers believe in our team for Rapid Crisis  responsiveness & prompt Emergency Handling.

Do you have effective & efficient payroll process & integrated systems for timely Wage  compensation and related modules?

We at WDSDA are THE PRIME SUPPORT SYSTEM of each of our employees.  Especially in time of a loss of life / unfortunate incident/ accident we  assign a team member to comply with process of availing Medical aid /  treatment/ compensation/ insurance claims/ Pension etc.

What is your Risk Management and Compliance Protocol?

Compliance : All Govt. duties and levies are fully complied with no Labor/  Legal cases/state matter/ default  on WDSDA in court till date since our  foundation.

Risk Management - Recurring Vigil and Stern Supervision keeps our  personnel aware of their duties and fall outs to ensure aversion.